About us


The story of Baobab des Saveurs embodies the values of the emerging agriprocessing sector in Senegal. It is a young, dynamic company closely linked to the producers and in harmony with the environment of Senegal. The company is based on the vison of its founder Pierre-Gilles Commeat who came to Senegal to explore new modes of development in line with his own core values. He stayed to develop a business in organic and equitable processing of products unique to West Africa. His passion and vision has created jobs in rural areas as well as encouraging and building capacity among young local entrepreneurs.


Pierre-Gilles sees the relationship with the company’s customers as a partnership working together to build a supply chain and processing expertise which meets customers’ needs. With this in mind, the company has moved to a new facility at Thies which is designed to meet those needs. Baobab des Saveurs is part of the new Africa, forward looking, offering products unique to West Africa, developed with customers’ needs in mind and with a vision of business as a partnership in quality and supply chain development.